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Napoli president’s tribute to Diego Maradona

Thu 26 November 2020 | 12:28

Aurelio De Laurentiis says that it was a right move to change San Poalo Stadium’s name in honor of Maradona.



Aurelio De Laurentiis

confirmed that they will change their stadium’s name to

Diego Maradona

in honor of the greatest player in club’s history.

Napoli’s official website has published their president’s letter in memory of their late legend Maradona.

“Dear Diego, You leave a great testimony of what a man is with all his fragility, strength, total love for life and for his neighbour. A unique and unrepeatable sample.

“Your weakness, your stains, your errors are equal to your immense greatness to cancel themselves in the myth.

“It has been said by many that it represents the synthesis between genius and recklessness. A painter of the balloon: unique brushstrokes to remember in the Louvre of the greatest artists.

“Like a restless Caravaggio who’s indomitable and recklessness are forgiven for his immense grandeur.

“I think it’s right to give the San Paolo your name, to still have you with us as a witness of the excellent path that his team has taken.

“Yours were indelible years in the memory of the Neapolitans. Symbol of a coveted redemption and desired resurrection.

“Thanks Diego, you are and you will stay with us all.”


source: SportMob