Maradona was sold to Napoli due to a combination of reasons

Thursday26 November 2020 | 12:20
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Josep Lluis Nunez was the man who sold Maradona to Napoli and in an old interview, he revealed his reasons for letting him go.

The former Barcelona president Josep Lluis Nunez was the man who brought Diego Maradona in from Boca Juniors sold him two years later to Napoli in 1984.

Since he left Barcelona, he won World Cup in Mexico and won two Scudettos for Napoli and it should be mentioned that during his time in the south of Italy, Serie A was the strongest league in the world.

In an old interview, Nunez said that selling Maradona was due to a combination of reasons including his drug issue.

“I had a complaint from the police, who came and told me to be very careful with the issue [of Maradona using drugs],” Nunez said.

“I spoke with Maradona, who said no, it wasn’t true. At least that’s what he told me. Barcelona has to have players with a refined image, who are not seeking conflict and benefit the club’s image.”

When he was asked about why Maradona always spoke poorly of him, he answered: “What I have never understood is a player who leaves Barcelona because he has a better contract but says that it’s the fault of the president.

“It’s easy to explain the truth to fans, that, as a professional, you have to take advantage of a better offer because your career is short. I have not yet met a player who says he is leaving Barcelona because he has a better contract elsewhere.”

Nunez was the president of Barcelona for more than 20 years and he died in 2018.

Maradona died yesterday afternoon at the age of 60. In his last ten years, he had been suffering from health problems and finally passed away from a cardiac arrest.

source: SportMob
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