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‘He cheated’ Shilton can’t forgive Maradona over 'Hand of God'

Thu 26 November 2020 | 11:40

The losing side of the famous 1986 World cup moment has spoken about the deceased Hero.

Diego Maradona

passed away at the age of 60 due to a heart attack on Wednesday. The Argentinian’s death left the football world in shock and resulted in many Tributes being paid by former and current footballers such as Pele, Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo. But

Peter Shilton

who played for Three Lions in the 1986 World Cup says he still cannot forgive Maradona for his lack of sportsmanship. The English goalkeeper witnessed Maradona punching the ball to score Argentina’s first goal in their 2-1 victory against England in the tournament’s quarter-final but couldn’t convince the referee to disallow the goal. In a recent interview with Daily Mail Shilton has spoken about Maradona and his feelings about the so-called ‘Hand of God’ moment.


It has bothered me over the years. I won't lie about that now. People say I should have cleared the ball anyway and that I let a smaller man outjump me. That's rubbish. He had the run on me but that can happen.


He wouldn't have punched it if he knew he could head it, would he? Of course not. So I am OK with all that.


No, what I don't like is that he never apologised. Never at any stage did he say he had cheated and that he would like to say sorry. Instead, he used his 'Hand of God' line. That wasn't right.


It seems he had greatness in him but sadly no sportsmanship.


He added: “

Most of the England team who played in 


feel the way I do to this day.

It wasn't just me who was cheated, it was the whole team. We had a chance of reaching the last four and maybe the final of the World Cup. How often does that happen?

I was lucky. My chance came again four years later but others weren't that fortunate.



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source: SportMob