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Nani: ‘A big part of this team is Bruno Fernandes’

Thu 26 November 2020 | 11:20

Nani believes Bruno Fernandes is perfect for Manchester United as ‘he doesn’t care about mistakes’ and only is focused on success.

Bruno Fernandes

was transferred in January. He has been waiting for a move for several months before

Manchester United

decided to pay €55 million to bring him in.

Since he joined the team, he has scored 21 goals, provided 13 assists, and made 35 appearances which are really impressive as no player in English football has ever delivered such results over that short period.

Former Manchester United winger


believes that Bruno Fernandes is an ideal player for the Red Devils.

“I still watch almost all of United’s games,” Nani said.

“I watch when it is possible because of my schedule here in Orlando. I always support United and I have to say they have been fun to watch. I really like the way this United team plays.

“Obviously one or two results at the beginning of the season weren’t what we wanted, but I’m confident this team will keep getting better and better. I think we can have a special season.

“A big part of this team is Bruno Fernandes, who I used to play with at Sporting. Bruno now is a much better player than when we were playing together. He was doing great in Portugal but the Portuguese league is not the same as the Premier League – in everything, there is more quality and intensity.

“I saw so much potential in Bruno and I told him to go to England if he decided to move to another league. I said to him, ‘Your game will fit there and the fans will go crazy for you!’

“The style of his football is something fans appreciate. He is a player who likes to take risks in the game, who wants to take the responsibility of the game on his back and make difficult passes, dribbles, and shots.

“He doesn’t care about mistakes; he only thinks about success and making the team have success. He knows what that takes. That’s Man United, isn’t it?

“All the years of success at the club were achieved with that approach. Every player in the team, from goalkeeper to striker, took risks. We all knew the timing when we should be calm, but all our games had passion, quality, and the freedom to take risks if the result wasn’t coming.

“Bruno has done so well until now, scoring goals and setting up a lot of goals, but I think he will keep improving and making the team even better.”



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source: SportMob