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‘Only one or two weeks out’ – Ibra dismisses injury after the brace

Wed 25 November 2020 | 17:16

Ibrahimović, one of the most decorated football players, reassured everyone that his recent injury is not ‘serious’, and he misses the national team and may play at Euro 2020.

It was feared that the 39-year-old might be out on the bench for at least a month after scoring double in the battle with Napoli, but he revealed that his hamstring area injury will be healed in about two weeks.


sticker has also thrown some interest at playing for his national team, Sweden. For the 12th time, Ibra has become Swedish Player of the Year.

Ibrahimović said: "

It's nothing serious. Only one or two weeks [out]


The Swedish footballer took it to his social media to publicly state that he is prepared to go on national duty as he captioned his post with a Swedish Jersy: “

Long time no see


Janne Andersson, Swedish team manager, dared the player to prove himself eager for him to consider the decision.


Yes, I miss the national team. It is no secret,

" he said.


I want to be in Friends Arena, I want it to be the Yellow Wall or what we now call it. You come out, you have the yellow shirt and you see that it is full ... Do I miss it? Of





The one who does not miss it - he has already ended his career. And I have not finished my career



admitted that he is not yet ready to hang up his boots after scoring 20 goals in 24

Serie A

matches since his arrival in January.


I'll keep going as long as I can make a difference, otherwise it's not fun. I have to feel alive. In any case, I will continue as long as possible. As Mino [Raiola, his agent] says, 'squeeze the orange as long as you can


source: SportMob