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PFA chief executive to step down at the end of the season

Wed 25 November 2020 | 17:14

The former Bolton player will leave his post as president of the PFA after 40 years.

Graham Taylor, executive director of the Professional Footballers' Association, will step down at the end of the season.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of criticism of his performance from players.

The 75-year-old has held the post since 1981 and has now confirmed that he intends to step down.

He had previously said in March 2019 that he wanted to resign, and now, two years later, he has officially announced that he will step down at the end of the season.

"As I announced at our previous AGM, now that the Independent Review process has completed, I too will step down, by the end of the current season,"

Taylor wrote.

"A new chief executive will be elected following the recruitment procedure recommended by the Independent Review, and we have already made substantial progress in that direction. 

"I will of course be available in the future whenever needed to support the PFA."

On Thursday, the AGM will convene, and members will vote to elect a the new director.

source: SportMob