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Ibra: 'People don’t understand they motivate me when they say I am 39'

Wed 25 November 2020 | 13:15

Zlatan Ibrahimovic cannot play for a while as he is suffering from a hamstring injury. He also admits that he misses his national team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

cannot play for two weeks due to his hamstring injury. He talked about his motivation to get up early and work out even with pain.

“My adrenaline boosted when


called me after they disgustingly lost in Bergamo [against Atalanta],” he said.

“It’s not about contracts, it’s about adrenaline. I wake up every morning at 7 or 8 am, I feel pain in my body but I train in the gym and do what I need to be fit. You must be motivated and set up your targets,” he continued.

“I told [Mino] Raiola: ‘Who needs me the most?’ he replied: ‘Milan, you are the only one who can make Milan what they were many years ago.’

“People don’t understand they motivate me when they say I am 39, I wake up every morning to prove I can make it.”

He also talked about his difficulties during the first months at the club.

“I told who runs the club: ‘Don’t transmit your headache to those who go onto the pitch because otherwise, we can’t work quietly.’ The first six months were difficult, I didn’t know if the coach would have stayed and I didn’t know my future either.”

Ibrahimovic admitted that he misses playing at the Friends Arena.

“If you ask me if I miss it I can only say yes. I want to play at the Friends Arena, see the yellow wall, I want to leave the pitch wearing the yellow shirt. If you don’t miss [this feeling] it means your career is over but mine has not come to an end yet.

“I don’t know [Janne] Andersson. I never judged him. What I said about him was a comment on the decisions he had made.”

Janne Andersson decided to not let Dejan Kulusevski start the game against France and Ibrahimovic reacted to his decision by tweeting:

“It’s an absolute joke! More proof that incompetent people in the wrong positions are suffocating Swedish football.”



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source: SportMob