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Targgart has caught the attention of Cerezo Osaka

Tue 24 November 2020 | 22:12

Adam Taggart, Blue Wing’s player, has brought the Japanese club’s attention to himself, based on South Korea and Japan’s news reports.


’s top scorer might make his way out of Korea as he is sought after by 

Cerezo Osaka

. The club has pronounced their interest, and look at the 27-year-old as a promising candidate. Cerezo Osaka are positive that


’s recruitment will be beneficial in the 2021

AFC Champions League



, however, are counting on receiving a significant purchase fee for their player, who is believed to be of great market value in the K-League.

Park Kun-ha, Suwon’s coach, indicated that Targgart’s transfer will be discussed when the club’s Champions League campaign is over. However, no official offer has been made on the 27-year-old. Suwon are 3rd on AFC Champions League Group G and have yet to go north of Guangzhou Evergrande and Vissel Kobe on the table, who are title contenders.

source: SportMob