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Juventus CEO: 'Pirlo has great rapport with all the players.'

Tue 24 November 2020 | 20:27

Juventus president Fabio Paratici demands there is a 'very good rapport' with Paulo Dybala, while Andrea Pirlo 'understands' Cristiano Ronaldo and Weston McKennie is adapting rapidly.

This is the first match that



Cristiano Ronaldo

begin together under Pirlo's coaching, so is this a sign towards his agreement extension? 

“We have a very good rapport with Dybala, we’re talking about the renewal daily and weekly,” Paratici told Sky Sport Italia.

Is Juventus attempting to set aside cash on compensations, yet also with transfer fees, for example, Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid? 

“Morata arrived on loan with option to buy, a transfer formula we used several times this summer, as did other clubs, because it’s a moment where there are financial difficulties for clubs.

Paratici was inquired as to whether Juventus would prefer


win or draw and fit the bill for the Round of 16, or Blaugrana lose to Dynamo Kyiv and meet Juventus at the head of the table? 

“We want to play tonight’s game at the maximum of our capabilities and then after the final whistle we’ll see the other results. That’s what we choose.

Pirlo was spotted conversing with Ronaldo during the warm-up, practically like an associate director. 

“Champions understand each other. Andrea has a very good rapport with all the players, but naturally he’s closer in age and experience to Ronaldo, so they understand each other very well.”

Weston McKennie

is in the starting lineup and appears to have settled swiftly at



“McKennie is a very intelligent and outgoing guy who has been in Europe for some time, so is already accustomed to a certain environment. We have great expectations for him, as he’s already at a good level, but has huge margins for improvement and in Italy we are good at helping to improve and complete foreign players. We work on everything from tactics to individual work and how to experience football every single day. In those elements, Italy I think is the best in the world.

“Of course, it’s a two-way thing, and we also need players who are open to learning all these things. You need a good Professor and a good student, otherwise it’s tougher.”



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source: SportMob