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Lazio’s match with Zenit is ‘fundamental’ – Igli Tare

Tue 24 November 2020 | 20:08

Lazio are going against Zenit tonight, and according to Lazio’s director, it is a rather important battle for qualification in the Champions League tonight.

The watchword is consistency, because a win here would be a big step towards qualification

,” Tare said.

“We are fairly happy with what the team has done so far, but also fully focused because we realise this evening’s game is fundamental.

“This squad has been constructed with two players for every role, so because the lists are limited in both Serie A and the Champions League, we had to leave some of them out.

“I don’t think we need to do anything in January and I never liked that as a reparation window



reflected on the issue between the club and Angelo Peruzzi,


’s team manager. The previous reports stated that the former goalkeeper did not appreciate Claudio Lotito’s decision on freezing Lazio’s midfielder, Luis Alberto, as a form of punishment regarding his comments.



cannot be a mediator for a family relationship that we have. These things happen everywhere, we’ll get over them and Peruzzi is a very important person for us. We’re

accustomed to

what’s been happening over the last few days, actually last few months, as there always seems to be something


source: SportMob