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Villas-Baos will be happy to see Hulk end his career in Porto

Tue 24 November 2020 | 18:33

Hulk’s former Coach says he would be proud if Hulk ended his career in his old club.

There has been rumors about


interest in 34 years old


who used to play for them and has won 11 trophies with the club.


, who used to be Hulk’s coach in three different clubs says he would be proud if the club and Hulk come to an agreement.

"I worked with him at three different clubs, I just want Hulk to choose freely.”

He said

"If he chooses Porto and Porto want it, it will probably be the last club of his career, and it will be something that makes us, Porto fans, very proud."

Villas-Baos’ Current team


will face Porto in a

Champions League

match on Wednesday and they have to win in order to have a chance to advance.

"There are six competitive, very difficult games, and this one is no exception,"

he said.

"We have to look not only at the path [to qualify] but at the quality of them and their coach.

"I'm not lowering our expectations, which are to go there and win, but nothing is decided."

In their previous match against Porto they lost 3-0 and now they will lose the chance of reaching the next round if they lose again.

source: SportMob