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Lazio facing questionable Covid-19 results

Tue 24 November 2020 | 18:25

As per news organization ANSA, Lazio's COVID-19 tests discovered concerning Ciro Immobile and Lucas Leiva were negative, however, Thomas Strakosha's result was positive.

The examination was dispatched in the Futura Diagnostica research facility in Avellino, which has been handling Lazio's Coronavirus samples this season. 

Questions were raised when a few players got positive results in UEFA and

Serie A

tests, yet negative in those taken by the club. 

News organization ANSA reports that those primary swabs taken on November 6 were re-examined and similar outcomes arose for Immobile and Leiva, who were negative. 

Nonetheless, goalkeeper


had been given the all-unmistakable by Lazio's lab, simply to be positive when similar swabs were re-tried. 

Sky Sport Italia report that four distinct labs were testing similar players during the week paving the way to the Lazio-Juventus coordinate that gave four marginally various outcomes. 


however, stated before that the current testing framework is excessively ambiguous and has such a large number of various translations of what is positive or negative for COVID-19.

source: SportMob