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2020, a great year for Robertson

Tue 24 November 2020 | 17:36

Andy Robertson speaks about a very successful year that he has had.

2020 might not be a great year for many people but for a lot of people but football-wise,

Andrew Robertson

has had a great year.


won the Champions League after many years but sadly, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the fans were not allowed in the stadium to see the trophy lifting of their Champions.

Robertson has also played an important role for his national team,


. "I can’t help but look back at 2020 with fond memories,"


told Sky Sports.

"I ended a 30-year wait with this incredible bunch to win the title for this great club.

"And I managed to help end a 23-year wait for my country. It is the most emotional I have ever been after a game, in terms of coming close to tears.

"We have been through a lot as a country, us and the fans and it has been a long, long wait.

“We have been hit hard by injuries so far this season and some of them have been nasty ones and long-term ones. That is unfortunate but I suppose that is why we have a big squad because we need to call on them."

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source: SportMob