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PSG assistant explains Neymar’s physical status and his pain endurance

Tue 24 November 2020 | 17:01

Low defended the way the Brazilian reacts to his injuries and the pains he endures when receiving a hit.

According to,

Paris Saint-Germain

assistant, Zsolt Low, when


is fouled the player usually goes under

“extreme pain”

because of his

“extremely sensitive feet”

. The 28-year-old, who has been able to score 247 club goals, alongside scoring 64 goals for his country,


, has been successful in winning 22 titles with his squads.

Neymar, who is one of the prominent players on PSG squad, started this season with a few blows after a recent injury, and based on Low’s statement the player constant suffering comes from his feet condition and not his aim to be pretentious.

"Neymar has incredibly sensitive feet,”

admitted Low.

"If he is kicked, it gives him extreme pain."

Low also talked about the player being a target for the defenders saying:  

"Neymar is a warm guy, very open.”

"Of course it sometimes seems arrogant what he does on the pitch. But if he is fouled, then he tries to dribble past his opponent at the next opportunity.”

"That is his way of responding to the harshness."

Later PSG assistant revealed their plans for including Neymar against their

Champions League


RB Leipzig


"He's not yet at 100 per cent. But we need him with his experience and his quality."

source: SportMob