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Prandelli: ‘Against Benevento, the numbers were embarrassing’

Tue 24 November 2020 | 14:09

Cesare Prandelli is embarrassed by the game against Benevento and is trying to get back in the Coppa Italia.



Cesare Prandelli

has said that ‘the numbers’ in the game against


‘were embarrassing’ and is wants to get back in the

Coppa Italia

in the match against Udinese.

Prandelli started his career at Fiorentina by saying that players should be prepared to change their mentality to change their season and they must be ‘ready to fight’. But it seems it was not the ideal start that he had on his mind.

“In 2006-07 we had great support from the fans, we would never have done it alone,” Prandelli said at a press conference.

“Now, things are different, I will choose the players who aren’t afraid, but ready to fight. It will also depend on their physical conditions.

“But you need the mentality and desire to always be a team. Against Benevento, the numbers were embarrassing. They overwhelmed us in all the figures, we must do much more on a physical level.”

Prandelli still believes that changing the mentality is a must for winning.

“We must change the team’s mentality quickly. [Dusan] Vlahovic ran with good intensity, but the maneuver must help the attackers get more opportunities.

“We are lacking this. Tomorrow, we will take advantage of the opportunity we have, putting in place a proactive and combative mentality.”

Although Fiorentina have a packed schedule with seven games before Christmas, Prandelli is trying to add more fixtures in the Coppa Italia. Fiorentina currently sit 15th after eight Serie A matches.

“We have to think about one game at a time and we have to advance,” he said. “For us, it’s important, just as a performance is important.

“As a collective mentality, we have to play a real match, with the players who are better off.

“Paradoxically it’s much better to play right away because we can test ourselves. I want to see if the lads got the message and I want to face their fear.

“We must not hide; we must take to the pitch and tomorrow’s game can help us. In a moment of difficulty, the men come out, then the players.

“If I have real men, who feel what they are doing, we will never play like this again.

“If we had five or six of [German] Pezzella, we would be fighting for the Champions League already. At this moment, you can only dream of spectacular football, that’s not our priority.”

Prandelli also hopes to have Franck Ribery, Giacomo Bonaventura, and Jose Callejon for the game against Milan.


source: SportMob