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Font remains hopeful about Messi’s stay with Barcelona

Tue 24 November 2020 | 11:57

Though the chances of the Argentine transfer remain open, the Catalonians favored president believes they still can convince the player to extend his stay with the team.



Lionel Messi

, who was linked to

Manchester City

during the summer, could renew his contract with his current team claims Victor Font. Since Messi’s contract is set to end in 2021 the player is open to discuss his future with any of his possible suitors starting from January, but Font believes the player could still be convinced to remain on Barcelona’s side.

“I already told him (Soriano) to forget about Messi, to look for alternatives to win the Champions League, because Messi will continue with us and we will win the Champions League,” Font told

L'Esportiu de Catalunya


Messi who was planning for a departure to Manchester City during last transfer season created a major saga on the team and Font who was a witness of the events talked about them saying: “With sadness. We have enjoyed Messi for so many years that we are not aware of what he has been and what he is.”

“Getting into a situation where the best player in history, not for lack of love at the club, wants to leave, generates frustration.”

When asked about Messi’s change of status Font replied: “It is one of the reasons why it is urgent for a new project to come to govern the club.”

“We can guarantee you a competitive, winning project, which is what you need. He wants to win and he certainly wants to do it at Barca, because he is Catalan.”

Font further talked about their next month presidency elections with him being the favorite and the possibility of having Xavi as their future coach.

“I know that Messi likes this leadership of Xavi in the whole sports project,” he said

“Beyond the fact that I would have to make him understand that this new project would not lead to the problems he has had in the past, we must also show him that the Barca-Messi association is strategic and must last beyond the day he retires. I think we will convince him.”

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source: SportMob