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Griezmann: “Leo knows I have a lot of respect and admiration for him”

Tue 24 November 2020 | 10:44

In an interview with Jorge Valdano, Antoine Griezmann explained the recent events and the twists and turns of his relationship with Lionel Messi.


French star

Antoine Griezmann

spoke in a detailed interview with

Jorge Valdano

for the Universe Valdano program about various issues, especially the recent events and his ups and downs with Barca superstar

Lionel Messi

. An interview that will undoubtedly provoke reactions.

In this interview,


had a conciliatory tone towards


and his fans, as well as

Lionel Messi

, and to reduce tensions after the recent talks of his former agent, he said that he has not had a relationship with

Eric Olhats

for a long time.

Griezmann said:

“I said in my presentation with Barcelona that I didn’t want to speak off the pitch but on it, but I think it’s time to put things right.

“I’ve been putting up with things and comments for a long time, and enough is enough."

Griezmann went on to talk about the recent comments of his former agent Eric Olhats and his uncle, who said Antoine had a tense and negative relationship with Messi:

“I stopped having a relationship with Eric Olhats the day I got married. On my wedding day I invited him and he didn’t come, that’s why I stopped having a relationship with him. He speaks because neither my father nor my sister will speak to the press. Leo knows I have a lot of respect and admiration for him.

“My uncle doesn’t know how football works, and in the end the journalist got that phrase out of him. I told Leo that I never speak with him, in fact I don’t even have my uncle’s phone number.”

Griezmann joined Barca in 2019, but a year before that, while he was expected to join the Catalan team, Griezmann announced that he did not intend to do so and decided to stay at


. This was while Messi had officially spoken about this transfer in 2018. Griezmann now says he spoke to Messi after his decision that year, and Messi made it clear that he was angry with his decision.

“I spoke with Leo when I arrived and he told me that when I rejected the first chance to go I screwed him because he had asked for it publicly,”

Griezmann said

“But he told me he was with me, and I notice that every day.

“With the documentary I wanted to show that deciding to go to one team or the other is very complicated. People thought it was a game and that I was laughing at the fans, but I just wanted to show how a player decides. Your wife, your parents and your children speak with you, but in the end you decide.”

source: SportMob