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Javi Gracia moans about the defensive lapses after the tie with Alaves

Tue 24 November 2020 | 8:10

Sunday evening’s tied match with Alaves has led Valencia coach to lament about the need to strengthen their defensive reliability.

Ximo Navarro


Lucas Perez

scored two goals helping


lead the game, which was altered during the last 20 minutes as

Manu Vallejo


Hugo Guillamon

scored the drawing goals leaving Valencia with one point.


is the 8th and Alaves is the 14th on the table with two points behind.

It’s a situation that is occurring quite regularly and that we have to try to improve,

” Gracia said. “

It’s difficult for us to focus on the games, to go out with the same intensity when the game turns against us. It’s difficult to move forward when we concede so much, even though the team is capable of coming back like today


Before the games we talk about it, and we give great importance to starting well with the intensity required by the games. After our victory against Real Madrid and the two-week break, we have made an effort to concentrate all the players and ensure that they’re aware of just how important the game against Alaves was



The players] know better than anyone that we have to win and they’re angry for not having been able to do so. I’m angrier by the first half, and how we allowed our rival to get so


away from us. We need to be more solid in defence, and we shouldn’t have to rely on scoring goals to get out of these situations.”

Valencia, playing against

Atletico Madrid

next weekend, do not play for the European competition this season. Deportivo Alaves have a formidable two weeks ahead. On Saturday, they are going into battle with the former champions,

Real Madrid

, and fighting this season’s titleholder,

Real Sociedad

, the next day.

source: SportMob