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Solskjaer says Dean Henderson is happy in the club

Mon 23 November 2020 | 17:14

Solskjaer says that Henderson is not thinking about leaving the club.

Although England’s young goalkeeper has only three appearances for the

Red Devils

their manager thinks that he has shown good quality and is happy about where he is at the moment.


wants to stay at Manchester United and play for Manchester United,” Solskjaer said in his press conference on Monday afternoon.

“I can’t see the logic in one potential appearance before Christmas, do you know how many games we’ve got? So I disagree completely that tomorrow is make or break for Dean, he’s come back in, he’s training really well, he’s maturing, he’s had some games and he’s training, for me, with one of the best keeper in the world.

“He’s got potential to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world. There’s great competition between them, I don’t buy that argument that it’s make or break for him. It’s not up to me to make everyone happy, I’ve said that a few times. The performances will always be the deciding factor if you play or not.

"I think every position you play for Manchester United, it’s your duty to make me and the coaches happy so then there’s a bigger chance you can play next time.” 


source: SportMob