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Townsend calls Chelsea a ‘dangerous’ Premier League contender

Mon 23 November 2020 | 16:43

The Blues race for Premier League title continues as they move forward with their winning streak.



midfielder, Andy Townsend believes the Blues are going strong in their race for Premier League title and having enhanced their squad during the summer, the team’s coach, Frank Lampard would a load of options to choose from.

Among players who joined Chelsea during their recent recruitment are:

Timo Werner


Thiago Silva


Hakim Ziyech

, and

Edouard Mendy

. According to Townsend the Blues who have been able to move forward with nine unbeaten games are one of teams to have a claim on the title considering the intense competition of this season.

“Chelsea are going to be dangerous,” Townsend told Premier League Productions.

“They have got so many good options in those forward positions.”

“If you think about any team when you are struggling in the Premier League, normally when you are struggling you are thinking ‘we can’t score a goal, we haven’t got enough pace in the forward areas, we haven’t got enough options’. Chelsea have got it everywhere – even full-backs are flying into the last third.”

“It’s now just about Frank keeping them all right, keeping them happy, as best he can, and let them go and strut their stuff. They are very good.”

For their next match Chelsea will face


in UCL competition.

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source: SportMob