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Lampard wants to keep Giroud

Mon 23 November 2020 | 15:31

There are a lot of speculations toward Giroud's intention to leave Chelsea but apparently, Lampard needs him.




’s choice as


’s striker last season, post lockdown. But this year, the arrival of

Timo Werner

changed things for

Olivier Giroud

. The French striker who has the experience of winning the World Cup is now the third choice for the position.

Reports suggest that


is intended to leave


but Frank Lampard is reluctant to let him go. The 42 years old English manager claims that


is a vital player in his squad.

The 42-year-old does not want to see the experienced frontman leave the Bridge, as he told a press conference ahead of a Champions League meeting with 


on Tuesday: "I do have plans to have Oli, he's very important in our squad. He was a big member of our squad last year and I think he played a lot of games and made a lot of starts for us last year.

"When you look at our games, he made a lot of league starts and I think he played a relative amount. He will always want to play more.

"He is a huge member of the squad for me and I know he will be important for us going forward. I want Oli to stay here because he will play and I have a good relationship with Oli.

"If he ever felt that was going to go a different way then I am happy to have that conversation with him but I want him to stay here and we will be very open both ways if that ever changed, but at the minute, he is very important to me."


source: SportMob