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Cahill is excited about Qatar 2022 World Cup

Mon 23 November 2020 | 14:29

Tim Cahill thinks the next World Cup is going to be a new experience for the fans.

2022 World Cup

organizers in


are trying to make a new experiment for the fans and players of football all around the world as they try to use technology to make it easier for the fans to come and watch a football match with family and friends and

Tim Cahill

thinks it’s going to be a new style of hosting a football tournament presented by a Middle east country.

"In the morning you'll be able to watch your team play and then watch another group game in the afternoon," he said.

"To take your son or daughter to two matches in one day at the same venue at a World Cup is pretty amazing. It's unheard of.

"When you talk about technology, innovations, stadiums, I think it's going to be something quite breathtaking.

"I sat at the Club World Cup with all the FIFA legends, with the air-conditioning in the stadium. The pitch was amazing and it felt like we were at a World Cup game. For me to say it, though, and for people to experience it are two different things.

"The event will be compact. There are only 75km between the furthest two venues and a new metro line to transport everyone.


source: SportMob