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Kounde revealed his transfer talks with Guardiola

Mon 23 November 2020 | 11:12

Sevilla player admitted his previous talks with Man-City coach which were bound to be dropped after the two sides did not reach an agreement.



Jules Kounde

confirmed the talks he had with

Manchester City

's coach Pep Guardiola regarding his transfer to the Blues side. The 22-year-old who won the Europa League with Sevilla last season has been performing impressively since last year onward and now that Man-City are looking forward to enhancing their defense line Kounde revealed that he was once linked to the Premier League team as well.

“Yes, I spoke with Pep Guardiola. He had him on the telephone,” he told Canal Football Club. “We spoke in Spanish. Everything went well. I was interested in going there and I had guarantees that I would play. But it didn’t happen.”

Guardiola eventually shifted to

Ruben Dias

before the ending of summer transfer season.

For the current time Kounde wishes to secure a spot on

France international team

in Euro 2020.

“My objective is the European Championships,” he added. “That was the case last year before the tournament had to be postponed.”

“It’s something that drives me. It’s something I’m going to fight for. It’s something that is going to guide me every day.”

The centre-back who was out of the field for Coronavirus is one of the key players in Sevilla as they hope to join the last 16 teams of Europa League competition.

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source: SportMob