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Napoli's manager believes what they lack is intelligence

Mon 23 November 2020 | 21:25

Gennaro Gattuso was not only dissatisfied with himself but also the players courtesy of the 3-1 loss to Milan. He said:” It’s not a coincidence that we create so many chances in these games and don’t take them. We have to focus on what we’re doing, get the job done, that’s the main problem”

The competition was a tough battle for a climb on the table. Napoli manager’s old teammate,


, however, was a man of his words and managed a double for the team.


’s defensive midfielder, Bakayoko, got two bookings leaving the team with only 10 players soon after a goal through Dries Mertens.

Mistakes can happen, I don’t stand here focusing on individual errors. We did it all ourselves, as we created chances, created their chances for them,

” Gattuso said.


am the ultimate person who is responsible and every time we get to a big game, something happens. We’ve got to raise the bar, it’s my problem, as evidently I can’t get the team to approach certain matches the right way.

We think too much about what’s missing, what we don’t do, what went against us. It’s not bad luck. It’s that we don’t approach these games with the right determination,


technique and quality aren’t enough


Gattuso’s statements on the strike Ibra made on Kalidou Koulibaly with his elbow are as follows:



don’t want to get into it. On television it looks like a Mike Tyson elbow, but that’s on slow-motion replay. That’s irrelevant, we have to focus on what we need to do, the determination we need, the ability to put the ball in the net, and we don’t do it


Milan believe firmly in Ibra, they believe 100 per cent in what they are doing. He seems I think even stronger now than he was 10-12 years ago


It’s about mentality. Football is about helping each other out, clubbing together, having a kind, reassuring word for your teammate when they’re struggling. There are too


people who act like Professors, who want to teach you everything. This hurts me


Luck would not have it with Napoli as they have lost their three previous home competitions between

Serie A

and Europe League.

We mustn’t stay here focusing on single incidents, we have to think as a team. We won games when we had the knife between our teeth, when we had fire in our eyes and our hearts. We need to think about ‘us’ rather than ‘I’ and we don’t do it enough.

“I see football in such a completely different way to when I was a player. What I cannot accept, however, is to see my team without the fire in their belly. At the first sign of difficulty now, we complain to the referee, complain to each other for it not being the right pass, complain to bad luck, we complain to everyone.

“Quality is not enough in football, we need to focus and fight for every result. I know what’s wrong and it is not a coincidence that when we go into a really important game, we falter. We have to think as a team, with one mind, not individuals


source: SportMob