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Maldini praises Gattuso as Napoli’s coach

Sun 22 November 2020 | 20:56

Maldini has talked about his former teammate Gattuso.


says that he has confidence in


as he becomes


caretaker coach after Pioli’s positive test for COVID19.

“Daniele is a very calm person, Stefano feels things in a more passionate way,” Maldini told

Sky Sport Italia


“The coach becomes even more important during the age of COVID, as you can hear what’s coming from the bench much clearer in an empty stadium than when there are 70,000 people shouting.”

He has also talked about his former teammate


and praised him.

“Rino is Rino, he’s a coach who now has experience and is dealing with probably the most technically-gifted team in Serie A, in my view. He’s doing great work here, he was the right coach for Napoli at this time.

“To be honest, we talk more about family when we get together rather than football.”

And about Milan’s chance for the title he added: “When I ask the lads to be ambitious, I mean that we should give our all. If we can be this consistent not just in 2020, but also to the end of May, why shouldn’t we propose ourselves as candidates for the Scudetto?

“I say we have to be perfectly honest, so if we don’t win the Scudetto, we won’t be angry. I will only be angry if we don’t do the maximum that our potential allows.”a

source: SportMob