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Harrison sets international duty to be his next goal

Sun 22 November 2020 | 17:34

Harrison wishes to move his performance to international level now that he has achieved what he aimed for with his club.

Leeds United


Jack Harrison

wishes to take up on his teammate

Kalvin Phillips

and earn a spot on

England international team

as he aims for it to be his next goal. The

Manchester City

loanee who has been displaying quite the performance hopes that his efforts will catch the attention of England's coach and open the door for him to join the team.

“Growing up I always said to myself it's been a dream of mine to play in the Premier League and I think now that I'm here I have to raise the bar again and international football is that next step,” He told

Sky Sports News


“I love to be able to go away on international breaks, and to play with the national team would be a dream so it's something that I'm working towards.”

“I do extras here and there, doing what I can to try and get to that next level.”

One of the most admired players among Leeds men is Phillips and according to what Harrison said about his teammate “He's become a legend” in the team and for him Phillips deserves every achievement he has ever earned so far.

Now that Phillips is back from injury Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa hopes that things will get better for the team.

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source: SportMob