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Pareja talks about his experience of their first playoff victory

Sun 22 November 2020 | 17:15

Orlando City boss Oscar Pareja thinks their win in the penalty shootout was “insane”.

After their remarkable playoff win,

Orlando City

head coach talked about it and said that he was surprised with the result too.

"I think we'll need more time to calm down and reflect on what happened,"


told reporters. "The analysis of the game, it may wait for tomorrow [Sunday] when we can analyse the soccer side.

"What just happened at the end, I never saw it before. And this is the beauty of this game, that we're humans and full of emotions and mistakes and good things and all of that. But today the ball [was] bouncing our way.

"After what just happened I can laugh, but believe me, this is insane tonight.

"The boys showed the heart of this franchise. They showed with all that intensity, sacrifice after we lost Ruan," he said."Obviously we need to make many corrections and many things that happened in that last part, but we are proud to represent this community. We are proud to win and beat one of the best teams in Major League Soccer.

"We will prepare [for] the next game, because this doesn't stop, but what happened today, that will keep in my memory forever.

"Rodri told [Gallese], 'I was a goalkeeper when I was in the academy.' So, we just gave him the gloves and prayed," Pareja said. "That was very chaotic, for sure."


also talked about their responsibility now that they are in the playoffs.

"It means a lot, being in the playoffs, and just sending a message to the community that we're not just content with just bringing them to the playoffs, that the players want more," Pareja added.

"They know that the responsibility is on our shoulders to bring joy, and to make this team protagonist of Major League Soccer. With all these circumstances, what happened, it magnifies what they've done, what they did today.

"It has been a long journey, this year, with all that happened, with the pandemic, with people being in their houses and not being able to come to the stadium, people suffering and many others losing their loved ones. And we have such emotions in our body, in our minds that we want to get out, and today the game gave us that opportunity, to bring all those emotions."


source: SportMob