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While Leboeuf is worried about Martial, Burley thinks he’s a problem

Sun 22 November 2020 | 15:44

Anthony Martial has only scored twice in 15 games this season. Frank Leboeuf is ‘worried’ about him and thinks he has more potential. Craig Burley, on the other hand, thinks he is 'a problem'.


Anthony Martial

played 90 minutes of the game against

West Brom

on Saturday, he was not able to score a goal. He has scored only two times this season in 15 matches.


Manchester United

are sitting in ninth place in the Premier League table and are seven points behind


who are the current leaders.

There were two completely different reactions to Anthony Martial’s situation. Frank Leboeuf has said that he is ‘worried’ about him and thinks he has more potential. Craig Burley, on the other hand, has a different opinion. He thinks Martial is arrogant and is ‘a problem’ for the team.

When Leboeuf was asked about Manchester United’s performance on Saturday, he responded: “Poor, really poor.

“I’m worried about Anthony Martial. He is a fantastic player and when he’s confident, he is okay.

“He played with the international team and missed three chances against Portugal. He missed another chance today. For a world-class player, it was an easy chance.

“He has to be a killer. I’m not pleased with any of those players. What I saw was a poor performance.

“Even West Brom could have scored two goals. It’s not a team who can compete at the top if they perform like that against West Brom.

 “It has to be better – this is Manchester United.”

Burley said: “Anthony Martial thinks he’s a better player than he is. It’s as simple as that.

“He’s a talent but can he carry a club of this size as a striker? You see flashes of it but when Edinson Cavani came on, he must have said to him, ‘you know you’re allowed to move and make runs?’

“Because he doesn’t do enough. On top of that, his finishing wasn’t right.

“I think with him there’s an arrogance that it’s just going to happen, rather than make it happen, and that’s a problem.”


source: SportMob