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Harrison praises Arsenal manager Arteta

Sun 22 November 2020 | 14:18

Man-City loanee called his former head-coach assistant “intelligent” following his rising reputation with the Gunners.

Leeds United


Jack Harrison



coach Mikel Arteta admitting that he learned a lot from both Guardiola and his former assistant during his time with

Manchester City

. The 23-year-old who will face Arteta and his team on Sunday praised the coaching skills of the Spaniard saying: "I only worked with him for one pre-season and watching the way he worked alongside Pep was inspirational. Watching all the advice they gave to the players was something I really tried to learn something from.”

"It was only a short experience being part of their pre-season but I've been really grateful for that, just learning how they conduct their training sessions.”

"He (Arteta) wouldn't even remember saying certain things to me and other players around me as well. It was only small to him but it can make a big difference to us as players especially being so young and wanting to learn so much as well.”

"You can tell he's very intelligent, he knows a lot about the game and working along with Pep you can see why he's got the reputation he has so it will be another interesting one going into this weekend."

For their Arsenal game

Kalvin Phillips

will also join the Leeds now that he has recovered from a shoulder injury.

Regarding their match against Arteta's men Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa said: “We need to continue to attack well - and to reduce the errors caused by us doing that. We need to not lose the ball in our own half, to finish the attack in the opposition half so there is no counter attack.”

“We need to press in the opposition half so they don’t get into ours very easily. That’s what we have to look at.

“Trying to attack is what the fans want and you have to try and be efficient with the style you choose.

“I take risks so the game can be beautiful. Taking another option would mean I don’t care and that I will only go whichever way makes it possible to win.”

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source: SportMob