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Wolverhampton ready for tough Boxing day

Sun 22 November 2020 | 13:56

Nuno has said that this year's Boxing day will be a nightmare and they should be ready for the tough period.

Nuno Espirito



’s manager says that they should be ready for a tough period during the Boxing day. This season has been very intense already with so many games being played in a short period of time.


should face

Tottenham Hotspur

and then two days later they should travel to Manchester and play in Old Trafford.

Nuno insisted

: 'Moaning is a waste of time but it doesn't take away from how hard it is for the players - it's something we have to deal with because different people are making the decisions.

'We are all dealing with the same situation. What is in front of us is a nightmare in terms of the schedule - Christmas and Boxing Day and all these things will be very tough for everybody, especially the players.'


who has impressed in a deeper roe as he got used to play, told Wolves' official website: 'It's something we've been training on the last few years - always trying to be well organised and play from there.

'When you don't concede, you can't lose, so we always try to be well organised first and to attack from there.

'We've held four clean sheets this season, which is really good, and I hope there will be a lot more to come. That will demand a lot of effort from outside and I think we are ready to commit to that.'


source: SportMob