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Fatma Al-Nuaimi: Qatar will learn from how Japan hosts the Olympics

Sun 22 November 2020 | 11:47

Qatar will host the 2021 world cup and are currently preparing for the event as COVID-19 pandemic has caused new challenges.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many sport-events have been affected by the necessary protocols and restrictions of this new era. Some of the tournaments including Euro 2020, Wimbledon, and Tokyo Olympics were canceled or delayed and the tournaments which are planned to take place in the near future are facing challenges in their preparation. However, Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has decided to face these new challenges and deliver the World cup tournament in the best possible way. Fatma Al-Nuaimi, Executive Communications Director of the SC has spoken about the way the committee has remained being resilient and adaptive in order to keep the World Cup project going.

"Since we submitted the bid in 2010 the two things that we have learnt is to be resilient and be adaptive. We came through a lot of different challenges. When it comes to Covid-19, although it is very uncertain, we have come up with safety procedures for our workforce, as they are our top priority. We have been following the government protocols and have made sure that the work is not impacted,

"When the pandemic hit, it made some changes to our plans this year. It did put some of the things on hold but we are trying to be adaptative and innovative to find new ways to communicate the progress and still excite the fans about this tournament.

"When the pandemic started we were distributing masks, hand sanitizers at all World Cup sites. We made sure to have isolation rooms at all official sites and the temperature was to be tested twice a day. Here in Doha, the pandemic has been largely controlled. We hope that in two years' time and with the news of 90 per cent vaccine trial success, things will, later on, turn out good,"

When asked about Qatar’s connections to Japan about the way they are trying to hold the 2021 Olympics, Al-Nuaimi responded:

"We made sure actually that for every major event, we always have coordination with different federations, football organizing committees to actually start learning and adapting a lot of the lessons they have learnt in hosting. From the London Olympics to Brazil or Russia World Cups (2014 and 2018), we always make sure that we have a delegation that would go and learn from their organization.

"For sure for next year, we would have a delegation in Japan (for Tokyo Olympics) to learn – whether if held with Covid-19 protocols or hopefully by then, if Covid is already gone and things will be back to normal. I think there will be a lot of lessons learnt and a lot of offering that we can take from Japan before us hosting the World Cup."


source: SportMob