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Pirlo is happy with Rabiot’s performance

Sun 22 November 2020 | 12:08

Pirlo has Praised Adrian Rabiot after their victory against Cagliari.




is a complete player and says that he is so strong physically and technically.

After their victory against




boss Andrea Pirlo talked about Rabiot.

"He is a complete player, I have rarely seen someone so strong both physically and technically," Pirlo told Sky Sports of Rabiot post-match.

"He doesn't even know the potential for improvement he can have, and we work on the mental side of things to make him understand that he is a champion. He is improving game after game."

Cagliari’s boss has also talked about Juve’s dominance in the game.

“The idea had been to press Juventus and attack them, but their superior quality pushed us back, they kept forcing us deep and at the end of the day that will eventually lead to a goal,”

Di Francesco

told DAZN.

“We had a slightly different identity after the break, but they adjusted too and because dangerous on the counter-attack when we made errors in transition.

“The intention was not to come here and defend in search of a point, we were pushed back and had to deal with that situation from there.

“Paradoxically, we ran more risks of conceding in the second half when we attacked them more, because the spaces opened up behind us.”

source: SportMob