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Alan Shearer praises Mourinho Tottenham tactics to defeat Man City

Mon 23 November 2020 | 10:10

Jose’s strategic defeat 2-0 over Manchester City on Saturday with counter-attacking football was impressive to Shearer.

Alan Shearer believes it was Mourinho’s ploy that led to a remarkable victory over

Man City



played according to plan to vanquish The Sky Blue with Son Heung-Min and Giovani Lo Celso’s goals in each half which led made them first in the Premier League. Tottenham had four shots, two of which were netted, with only 34% of ball possession. The team play, Kane’s pass and all the factors leading to a goal dazzled the retired footballer Alan Shearer.

“Spurs were tactically brilliant,” he said. “They were deadly on the counter-attack, defended superbly well and were very well organised. With those two world class forwards, they looked very, very impressive. Yes they got men behind the ball and were narrow and compact, but they were very happy to let City to pass it, force them out wide and allow them to have crosses into the box that the two defenders could get rid of all afternoon. They did that all afternoon.

He continued: “It wasn’t just about defending, the movement of Kane, the defenders left space in behind and Son’s finish was excellent. Have a look at the men they committed forward on the counter, five or six of them got into the box to support Son and Kane at times.”

He added: “Defensively the balls out wide weren’t a problem for Spurs all afternoon. City were passing it and had most of the possession but didn’t do anything with it. That was a constant, which is a credit to Tottenham. They were absolutely brilliant, I thought. Man City had a plan A, they didn’t have anything else and Spurs coped with it admirably.”

source: SportMob