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Klopp on the possibility of coaching Germany

Sun 22 November 2020 | 10:48

The Reds coach won’t mind becoming Germany manager someday but for the moment he wishes to focus on Liverpool until his time with the team comes to an end.



boss Jurgen Klopp does not wish to dismiss his link to


he insists on keeping his focus on the Reds while there is more time to his contract.  After their loss to


, Joachim Low has been at the risk of being resigned from his position as the team’s coach and one of the top possible replacements for him has been Klopp.

When asked about his possible future with Germany Klopp answered: “Wow, I thought that is one of the questions I answered most often in my life! “

“In the future, maybe. Now? No. I have no time, I have a job – a pretty intense job by the way!”

“I’m not sure if anyone asked for me or whatever, but if they don’t know, I have a job at Liverpool. And even though the weather is bad again, I like it!”

“I’m responsible for a lot of things here, so I will not go and search for another challenge. I have enough challenges after waking up in the morning!”

The Reds coach was also asked about Guardiola’s contract extension with

Manchester City

jokingly replying:  “Pep signed a new contract because of me? I love it!”

“I’m happy Pep signed a new contract, but I’m a little bit afraid that it will not be Guardiola against Klopp or something like that for the next few years.”

“It looks like Frank [Lampard] and Chelsea are building a proper team, Man United will not stay [where they are] without trying, and Arsenal will do the same.”

“Tottenham look really dangerous this year, Leicester is obviously really good, and 100 per cent Wolves will not settle. I watch a lot of football, and I see the steps they make. That’s a threat for all of us.”

“But I’m happy that Pep stays with me for longer.”

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source: SportMob