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De Bruyne on Jesus handball: I no longer know the rules

Sun 22 November 2020 | 8:34

Manchester City’s equalizer was disallowed due to handball during their 2-0 loss against Tottenham and Kevin De Bruyne was confused.

Kevin De bruyne said that he was perplexed by the current perception of the handball rule after their goal was once again ruled out against Tottenham because of VAR.

Spurs got a 2-0 win thanks to goals from Asian star Son Heung-min and substitute Giovani Lo Celso, which moved them to the top of the Premier League table after their eye-catching performance.

On the contrary, Mourinho’s old rival Pep Guardiloa finds his team in a bad situation in 10th place on the table after 8 matches.

They were about to have the equalizer in the first half but the referee Mike Dean consulted the VAR referee and pitchside monitor and the replay showing that the ball brushed Jesus’ bicep on the hem of his shirt sleeve.

The recent guidance on handball says that the "T-shirt line" must be used to tell the difference between where the shoulder ends and the arm begins in terms of legal and illegal playing of the ball.

"I don't know the rules anymore honestly," De Bruyne told Sky Sports.

"I thought if it's above the arm here [above the bottom of the sleeve] that it’s not handball anymore.

"Everybody knows that it hits him here. I don’t know the rules.

"If you will listen tomorrow or the day after they will come on whatever channel and the referee will say it's a good decision, so it really doesn't matter.

"I've been playing professional football for 12 years and in the first nine years there were no rule changes. Now there are a lot of rule changes.

"I don't know why. Football is a nice game. The people making the rule changes need to be in the game."

source: SportMob