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Zidane answers the critics

Sat 21 November 2020 | 19:46

Zidane has answered the criticism he has been facing lately.


Real Madrid

’s draw in an important match against



talked about his team and has answered his critics with a strong tone.

They had only six attempts in the game but Zidane still thinks they deserved more.

"I think we deserved more, considering what we did," he said. "Especially in the first half. We've dropped two points.

"I'm upset for the players because of the effort they gave. I felt we could have taken the three points today and that's a shame."

He is still optimistic about their situation despite their last week’s lost and this draw.

"I keep looking forward, You continue with what you are doing and I with my work.

He has also talked about some of Real Madrid’s players like







"The thing about Mariano is that he hadn't played for a long time, He was exhausted.

"He's there. He played," Zidane said about Hazard. "We need to manage the minutes well, but he's with us and he's good."

"What is happening inside will stay inside, Right now, Isco is a Real Madrid player and is with us. There's nothing to talk about."


source: SportMob