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Tshabalala talks about his unforgettable goal in the World Cup

Sat 21 November 2020 | 18:22

Tshabalala has talked to Fifa.com about his goal in 2010 World Cup.


has talked about his feelings about the goal he considers as his most important achievement in the world. 

“That was always going to be the biggest goal in my career, no matter what came after, because it touched so many lives and brought joy to so many people,” he told FIFA.com. “I’ll always love it – it’s beautiful – but the goal is bigger than me as an individual.

“Although it happened ten years ago, it still feels like yesterday because I get reminders and messages from people about it every single day. It’s very humbling. That goal was special at the time, it’s special today and, for me and a lot of other people, it will be special forever.

“I actually thought at first about lobbing or chipping it because the keeper was off his line,” Tshabalala admitted. “Thankfully I thought twice and decided for power instead. And as I was about to hit it, the ball took a very slight bounce off the ground. That helped, I think, and the connection was so good that as soon as the ball left my foot I knew it was going in.”

“When they announced the World Cup was coming to South Africa [in 2004], I was nowhere as a footballer. But I remember telling my friend, ‘I’ll be there in 2010, playing for Bafana Bafana’. It shows the power of positive thinking.

"It was the same as the game got closer – I envisaged having a good game and scoring a goal. The celebration showed that actually because it was rehearsed. We knew we were going to score!”


source: SportMob