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Lampard asks his players to stay humble

Sat 21 November 2020 | 17:43

Although Joe Cole sees Chelsea as title contenders Lampard refuses to think so.

After their 2-0 victory against


there were conversations about


title chances which wasn’t what


wanted for his players to think about right now. He asked his team to stay humble.

"It's pleasing but I'm not going to get excited about being top of the table for five minutes," he said.

"It's time to stay humble when you go top and know that it's a long, long race."

Here is what Joe Cole said about Chelsea on BT Sport: "I don't think Frank will thank me, but if you look at that, you're looking at a team of title contenders.

"You add Pulisic and Havertz into the mix and it's an embarrassment of riches. It's been built the right way: the structure that's gone in place, the style of play, the methodology.

"The biggest credit you can pay Frank is you can see his personality on the team – that work ethic, that togetherness, that relentlessness."

Lampard thinks there are some elements in the team that have to improve although he was impressed by his players performance against Newcastle.

"I always felt the real danger moments for us could be on transition and counter-attacks, as Timo showed one or two times in the first half and then obviously he showed that for Tammy's goal," Lampard said.

"I understand players can at times become comfortable. There's little lessons where we can get better,

"We played well in patches and the result is key in these games, because the Premier League is tough, it's relentless.

"I thought they dealt with the challenge of the game very well today, did the lads, so I'm very pleased."

source: SportMob