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Guardiola: coaching in Premier League has made me a better coach

Sat 21 November 2020 | 16:51

The Manchester City boss believes that coaching at Premier League has improved him.

Pep Guardiola


Manchester City

coach, claimed that he has made a lot of progress since joining the

Premier League

as a coach.

He has joined Manchester City since 2016, following success with



Bayern Munich


Guardiola said that many challenges in England have made him a better coach.

He recently signed a two-year contract extension with Manchester City and he is happy to have managed in the Premier League.

"English football is fascinating because there are many different cultures in one league and different ways and I've learned a lot as a manager since being here," he told Sky Sports.

"Watching some incredible colleagues in England and the incredible players that are in this league, I feel I'm a better manager than when I landed here. So I can just say thank you for this opportunity. 

"I'm going to stay longer and enjoy that and learn from all of them. In five seasons, many things happen in good ways and not good ways - it's normal. 

"We have talked but always when we put all the situations on the table, we decided that still, we can be together for a longer time.

"This is a club that in the past, didn't win much. In the recent past with Roberto [Mancini] and Manuel [Pellegrini], they won and the most recent past, we won and won again.

"In three seasons, we won eight titles [including two Community Shield triumphs], which is a lot in world football and especially in England."

He explained about his new contract that he has “unfinished business” at City, with the Champions League so far eluding him.

"The unfinished business is to continue to [be successful] when, in the history of this club, it was not able to do it," he said when asked to explain his comments. 

"It is to maintain during the seasons, winning titles or being there fighting for titles. This is the target, not a specific trophy, but be able to maintain this club as high as possible in terms of football.

"It's always difficult [to win titles]. Saying that now it's more difficult looks like the years before it was not and it was the complete opposite."

source: SportMob