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More issues concerning Stadio della Roma

Sat 21 November 2020 | 15:55

The project of Stadio della Roma experienced another heavy blow with reports that land set aside for the stadium in the Tor di Valle area is not fully under the control of its current owners, so they could go to the existing Stadio Flaminio.

The building process is going for almost a decade now, even after previous President James Pallotta sold both the club and the project to The Friedkin Group.

It has suddenly emerged that some of the land set aside for the stadium in the Tor di Valle area is not fully at the disposal of its current owners, Eurnova SPA, as it was previously repossessed.

Il Tempo newspaper also insists that there are other problems with the Tor di Valle setting, so Roma are thinking about a switch to the existing Stadio Flaminio instead.

Before, that had been hard to do due to the complex laws limiting reconstruction of an older building, but last month a Government order explained those rules to make it easier for stadiums to be revitalized.

The Stadio Flaminio is currently occupied largely for rugby but had been adopted by Roma and Lazio when the Stadio Olimpico was refurbished for the 1990 World Cup.

The other candidate is the Tor Vergata area in Rome, but once again, this would mean the whole process with the local council should start from scratch.

source: SportMob