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Al-Khater thinks the pandemic will end before the World Cup

Sat 21 November 2020 | 13:06

CEO of the 2022 World Cup Nasser Al-Khater talks about his plans for the World Cup.


is optimistic about how the project is going on despite all the problems they face in the process and he thinks that

2022 World Cup

is going to be a unique experience.

“When we planned for the World Cup, sustainability had been essential to our planning. Stadiums are being built according to the highest standards of the GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System). The country has committed to solar power energy for the requirements of the World Cup and this is something that will be a legacy of the World Cup,” said Al-Khater.

 “Covid-19 has affected the entire world and not only the sports industry. It has disrupted people's lives. We are confident about the health structure around the world to help us to get rid of the pandemic by 2022.

“Even before that, major sporting events are taking place. People want to travel freely, visit friends and family. Our preparations luckily have not been affected by the pandemic here in Qatar. The government has taken steps early on especially the Ministry of Public Health. The pandemic is very well under control in Qatar. That is a very good thing,

“Our preparations for World Cup 2022 are going according to plans. We have inaugurated three stadiums. We have completed works on two other stadiums. We are well on track to have all our stadiums ready at least one year prior to the World Cup. All training sites have been completed,”

source: SportMob