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I don't regret my choice- Boyle satisfied to have joined Australia NT

Sat 21 November 2020 | 12:14

Martin Boyle is happy to see Scotland reach Euro 2021 but says he doesn’t regret his decision to join Australia National team.

Last week’s penalty shoot-out in Belgrade was a big step for Scotland football as the team reached its first major competition in 22 years. But

Martin Boyle

whose wife is playing for the Scotland national team says he doesn’t regret choosing Australia national team over Scotland.

“Football is funny at times and things can change very quickly, but I’m delighted that things turned out the way they did.

“Of course I’m ecstatic for Scotland as a team and the boost qualifying for the Euros has given the whole nation, it’s absolutely massive and has been a long time coming.

“A lot of my family are Scottish and my wife plays for Scotland Women, so I have no choice but to support them.

“Hopefully they can now go to the Euros and perform again on the bigger stage.”

Boyle has a Sydney- born father and has made his debut for Australia in their match against South Korea. The 27-year-old was previously invited to the Scotland national team but couldn’t accept the challenge to play against Peru because of an injury. He compares his case to another player who could have played for both teams.

“You saw with Lyndon Dykes he could’ve chosen Australia also but went for Scotland and is very happy with that decision,” Boyle added.

“He’s loving it and has qualified got a major tournament. It’s always a personal choice and it will only be him and his family who know why he opted for Scotland.

“I’m happy for him and what he’s achieved so far.

“There was the time when Scotland enquired to see whether I was available for a call-up.

“But I’d done my hamstring at the time and it wasn’t to be.

“Then Graham came along to see whether I’d join Australia and a few phone calls were coming my way.

“Whenever you pull on that jersey you give it your all and try and build trust by your performances, which is what myself and of course Harry Souttar have tried to do.

“You do your best to win people over that way.

“I feel we’ve both made a good impression and hopefully it will continue in that vein.”

Boyle has appeared in 13 league games for


as they hold the fourth position in the Socttish Premiership table.

source: SportMob