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Zidane urges Real Madrid to quickly decide Ramos’s fate

Sat 21 November 2020 | 10:53

The Spaniard who will be out of contract by the end of the season is yet to decide his future with Los Blancos.

Zinedine Zidane believes the quicker

Real Madrid

decides the future of their captain

Sergio Ramos

the more benefit they shall receive. The 34-year-old defender whose contract will end this season has been linked with several Premier League giants and other teams including



"The situation with the club and Sergio, I hope it's sorted out quickly for the good of everyone - for me as a manager as well," Zidane said.

"He's our leader, an important player, an important person. He's shown that and he's still showing that. He needs to stay here until he decides he wants to change."

After picking up a hamstring injury during international duty, Ramos won’t attend the upcoming matches for Real Madrid.

"Listen, he's our captain, we want him to be with us always, every game. For what he is, for what he shows, we know the importance of Sergio,” stated Los Blancos coach.

"When he's not here, we have to use the players who are here, who are working hard, and that's what we're going to do."

With four points away from LaLiga leaders Real Madrid are also dealing with a number of absences for which the French coach cannot risk their chances by slipping away.

"That's not going to change. We just prepare to have our game tomorrow and do well and that's it,” revealed El Meringue boss.

"This is Real Madrid. We know the situation, we know all about it; every time we play we can't fail. It's always been like that. That's what this club is all about, but that's okay."

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source: SportMob