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“he has to learn Italian" – Lukaku on Eriksen

Sat 21 November 2020 | 6:22

Inter Milan player believes his teammate can thrive if only he learned the language better.

Inter Milan

Belgian player

Romelu Lukaku

thinks that for

Christian Eriksen

to develop his game and fit in the team he needs to put more effort into learning Italian. The former


player recently admitted that his move hasn’t been very fruitful since he has been struggling with the team.

According to Lukaku if Eriksen were to overcome his current problems he needs to both learn the language and work closer to his teammates.

"Eriksen has all the qualities to become a top player, and I want to help him. But first, he has to learn Italian," Lukaku said.

“I immediately got used to a new reality, but maybe he will need more time. With the language, he still has some work to do. If he learned Italian I am sure that everything would become easier for him.

”He could communicate better with everyone, team-mates and the coach, and would contribute more to the work of the whole team."

After qualifying to the next round of Nations League with


, Lukaku revealed that from now on he will be focusing on his club and their race to the title.

"The race that matters most now is the one on Sunday with Inter against Torino," he said, "but I'm happy to have reached the final four of the Nations League.

"But first there will be the qualifications for the World Cup and Euro 2020. We will think about it later, we must act step by step."

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source: SportMob