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Alan Smith: 'Aubameyang is still hungry for goals.'

Fri 20 November 2020 | 21:16

The former Arsenal striker accepts the conflicting type of Alexandre Lacazette, and with the absence of opportunities, they should prompt strategic renovation.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

has not lost his thirst for goals regardless of marking a "humungous" contract at Arsenal, says

Alan Smith

The magical and speedy player of Emirates Stadium has been facing a deadlock in finding the net recently.

He has scored only four times in all rivalries of the 2020-21 season, with just two of those coming in the Premier League. 

The Gunners depend vigorously on their skipper to come up with an attacking edge but their captain seems inefficient as the opposing teams have learned to cut him off to stop the whole



Many have highlighted the way that Aubameyang is being smothered in the formation on the left flank, while others have scrutinized his motivations in the wake of his new profit-making arrangement. 

Smith concedes that the Gabonese international should be moved inside the team formation in the event that he is to rediscover his sparkle, with

Alexandre Lacazette

neglecting to prevail on No.9 position, yet he isn't accepting the new assessments with regards to new conditions. 

The former Gunners forward told the Evening Standard:

“The fact that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hasn’t scored from open play in the league since the opening day does tend to point in a worrying direction.

“If one of the world’s best finishers can’t find the net in seven games, what does that say about the team as a whole? Well, it says for a start that the number of chances created has dropped. The Gunners don’t carve out the opportunities of old.

“In fairness, that’s bound to happen when a coach is concentrating on organisation and solidity, when he’s determined to eradicate flimsy defending in favour of a disciplined approach that gives little away.

“Some say he is wasted on the left, but I can’t agree with that when he has shone so brightly from that position in the past.

“Mind you, his success from that flank partly depends on the centre-forward’s input and Alexandre Lacazette has fallen into a slump that’s not helping. It might be time to move the captain inside.

“As for the accusation Aubameyang has lost his hunger after signing that humongous contract, I’m not having that. The 31-year-old doesn’t seem the type to coast along. He likes scoring too much to be going through the motions.

“A lack of creativity doesn’t help his cause, a shortfall that leads to Arsenal struggling against sides adopting a low block. Leeds, however, don’t go near that tactic, with Bielsa insisting on attacking verve. As a result, this might be a day for Auba’s huge grin.”

Mikel Arteta

is hoping to find a starting lineup with winning spirit to confront Leeds United on Sunday, trying to redeem themselves after they were thrashed 3-0 by

Aston Villa

just before international breaks.

source: SportMob