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Klopp doesn’t blame Salah for what he has done

Fri 20 November 2020 | 18:48

Klopp says Brother’s Marriage is an important moment.



tested positive for COVID19 he was blamed for attending his brother’s wedding by some people but


says he doesn’t have to talk about the situation in public and he will talk to him privately.

“He is probably back today [Friday]. That’s what I have heard. We are obviously in close contact with him.

“How it always is in these cases, once you have a negative test then the process really starts. He is in a good place, he feels well, no symptoms, that’s all fine.

“There’s nothing to say in public about [him attending the wedding] to be honest. I talk to all my players in private.

“But what I can tell you is that I was in Germany in the summer, and a friend of mine moved his birthday party because of me because he knew I was in Germany. Fifty people attended, and I decided in the last minute not to go. And that was only a birthday party, and it was allowed in Germany.

“That’s only one situation. In other countries, there is more social pressure on you, and a brother’s wedding is a very special moment.

“What I can say about my players is that they are all incredibly disciplined. There were some cases of course, but they really know about the situation. But sometimes it doesn’t work out like this, something happens and we are in the situation are in.

“The rest, that is all between Mo and me. We did that already and we are fine.”


source: SportMob