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Simeone is not interested in commenting on Griezmann.

Fri 20 November 2020 | 14:14

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will face each other in the form of La Liga games. Atletico Madrid is 20 consecutive games that have not beaten Barcelona. Diego Simeone talks about this game and its perks.

There is a rumor of a bad relationship between Messi and Griezmann in the news these days, but Diego Simeone is not interested.

Last week, Gerziman's former adviser said that Messi was not happy with the French star joining Barcelona.

The 29-year-old French star has scored an average of one goal every 273 minutes in Barcelona, much worse than his previous record at Atletico Madrid. He scored one goal every 152 minutes for five seasons under Diego Simeone.

However, Simeone declined to comment on the situation between Griezmann and Barcelona.

"I have a great personal affection for Antoine and it would not be appropriate for me to assess what is happening at Barcelona," said Simeone.

"Those questions are for the Barcelona coach, and he will explain what he sees fit."

Simeone lost Hector Herrera and Manu Sanchez due to injury in the national games. He had previously lost Luis Suarez and Lucas Torreira to the Coronavirus.

"As for the positive tests that have affected us, we are part of society and some people can get it. We will have to use other players in the games and we hope Luis Suarez and Lucas recover as soon as possible.

"We are in a moment in the world in which this can happen, and it has affected us."

Simeone also spoke about Saturday night's game against Barcelona.

"Every game is an opportunity and obviously this is one. We will try to take the game where we can hurt them and play the game we want to," said Simeone.

"They are a rival with great standing, a squad that is being rejuvenated, but with young players with experience and an exceptional level.

"It will be hard, difficult and we will try to achieve what we want."


source: SportMob