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Klopp sees the five substitutions rule as a necessity

Fri 20 November 2020 | 12:16

Klopp wants to be able to make five substitutions during the games for player safety.

With so many injuries in the clubs all around the

Premier League

now coaches have started to ask the officials to do something.

Jurgen klopp

has talked about the matter again as he has the biggest number of injuries among his starters.


"We fought hard for a winter break in the normal season. One week after the season’s most intense period. One week where you don’t have to think about football, don’t have to train, don’t have to get up in the morning and think, ‘How will I play tonight?’ We fought so hard for one week less," he told ex-Reds midfielder Jamie Redknapp during an interview for the Daily Mail.


"But this now is not a normal season. This now is a season which is four weeks shorter but with the same amount of games. This is a very special time, not only for football but for the whole world. All of us have to dig in and fight hard to get through it. In football, it’s like this. It looks like the whole world changed but the two things which stayed were the fixture list of the Premier League and three subs.


"These are the two things we have to talk about. We have to talk to the broadcasters. People need to understand football players. People say: ‘Oh, but they earn this much.’ It’s not about that. They earn that much because they are so special.


"There are actors who are brilliant but will never be James Bond. But as a James Bond, you earn more than others. With football, it’s the same. So many people play football and the best of them earn more. But that doesn’t make them more robust for everything in life. On Wednesday we had a meeting between all of the managers and it was so important."

source: SportMob