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Szoboszlai almost joined Milan

Thu 19 November 2020 | 17:52

Marco Rossi praises RB Salzburg’s talent as he reveals that he was so close to joining Milan.

After the 20 years old

Dominik Szoboszlai

scored a very important goal that helped


qualify for the European Championship his Boss at Hungary national team praised him and talked about his transfer possibilities.

“He has great vision of the game, runs hard, but needs to improve in the defensive transitions and overall in his defending,” Rossi told Radio Punto Nuovo.


“If he were to come to Italy, I think he’d become a complete player very quickly.”


“I know Szoboszlai was very close to Milan with Rangnick, but Napoli were interested too.”


The player is very ambitious to show his qualities on a higher level and to move to a bigger team as he attracts more attention day by day and more teams are starting to like the potential he is showing on the pitch so it is very possible that we hear more about him in the future.

Some big clubs have shown interest in him already and among them we can name Milan, Arsenal, PSG and Napoli.

source: SportMob