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Former Liverpool defender believes the team doesn’t need Sergio Ramos

Thu 19 November 2020 | 15:01

The former Liverpool star, referring to the rumors about the transfer of Sergio Ramos to Merseyside, says that Ramos is “on the wane” and Liverpool do not need him.



star in the 1980s,

Steve Nicol

, says in the eighties that the Reds are in serious trouble in the midfield and are looking to sign a defender, but contrary to rumors, Liverpool do not need

Sergio Ramos

as the

Real Madrid



star has aged and is on the wane.


says the 34-year-old Ramos will not be of any benefit to the club at the moment and Liverpool will only pursue to sign him in January if they are unable to find better options and has no other choice.

jurgen klopp


Joe Gomez

in the center-back position after the injury of his defensive star

Virgil Van Dijk

but Gomez was also injured, so Liverpool is facing a big problem in the center of defense.

“I don't wish to make this sound bad but it depends how desperate they are,”

Nicol said

“Listen, if Virgil van Dijk has a setback and it's going to take even longer, if Joe Gomez is struggling, you'd rather go for someone like Upamecano, at 21, who you're going to have for a decade. It's kind of a no-brainer.

“If you can't get him, then you kind of start going down the list.

“Clearly, you want a younger player who is going to be there for some time. You really want to avoid stop-gaps, unless you're in a real hole.

“So, listen, if they got Ramos it would only be for a couple of seasons. I think he's on the wane a little.

“But it wouldn't be the worst signing ever, he would do a job. But even he's injured today, he did his hamstring.”

source: SportMob